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Melvis Baltra Limited


Six months ago, Melvis Group acquired the business and assets of Baltra Petroleum (BPe).


Melvis Baltra is now the largest fuels distribution company on the island of Baltra, with revenues of over $100m and annual fuel-handling capacity of over 500,000 tonnes.


Tony Perez, an experienced Melvis executive, has been appointed to lead the company which will retain the current staff and contractors following the acquisition. An ambitious business development plan is being prepared to support anticipated growth in the Baltra island economy including the extension of Ballast Key airport (pictured).



Formerly government owned, and now backed by the extensive resources of a major group, we are your obvious choice for quality fuels.

With our fleet of 10 owned and 10 contracted fuel tankers, Melvis Baltra can meet all of your petrol (gas), diesel (derv) and heating fuel needs.

We are the island's only supplier of bulk A1 jet fuel and thousands of airline passengers rely on us every day.



Baltra Petroleum (BPe)

BPe was founded in 1930 to serve the expanding market for motor, marine and aviation fuels on our island and in the region.


Proud to be a Baltra company

With over 75 years' service to our community, our company is proud to employ over 70% of local workers and contractors.



Since the acquisition by Melvis Group, we have renewed our vision to serve our customers, increase our market-share, revenues and margins in line with our business plan.


Melvis companies around the world have achieved exceptional HSE performance, including ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Over the next 12 months, we will engage Group and external specialists to appraise our HSE and work with us to drive management system and performance improvements.



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